“Being a bouncer is a tough job. Absolutely not for everyone.”


Bouncer Story is a retro styled RPG/management game for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Game has a unique setting of playing as a bouncer on a bar and the story evolves based on your choices you make in the game. You need to balance your incomes wisely to make your living and pay back your gambling debt to mafia.

Bouncer Story is situated in 90s retro world, graphics are influenced by 90s games and it is released as in 90s style as well:

  • No ads
  • No in-app purchases
  • No registration
  • No early access
  • No loot boxes

Pay it – Play it!


Ranked #2 in Pocket Gamer’s GAME OF THE WEEK for iOS and Android:
Bouncer Story is a really interesting offering, in many ways it captures notes of Lucas Pope’s Papers Please or PanicBarn’s Not Tonight, however it chooses to focus more on the choices and branching story rather than the constricting beurocracy of its forebearers.” -Pocket Gamer

SNAPP Attack review:
Helmi Games really surprised me with this one. With a bunch of different endings, you have no clue how things are going to go. There’s so many twists and turns every night that I wanted to keep playing. If you’re a fan of management sims or are looking for something a little different. Bouncer Story is definitely worth picking up. Who knew that being in debt could be so much fun?!” -SNAPP Attack

DroidGamers best new Android games of the week:
Bouncer Story is a surprisingly deep simulation of what life could be like in the world of a nightclub bouncer.” -DroidGamers


Surprisingly complex but simple good fast fun, I’m hooked. I want to make it, solve the game.” 5 stars

More complex game than you would think at a first glance. Fun and challenging!5 stars

Awesome game. Totally addictive.5 stars


Bouncer Story promo

Bouncer Story is played in a city with a strong mafia presence. As a bouncer you are seeing, hearing and experiencing all kinds of events in the your daily work controlling the entrance to a bar. It is your choice to balance your relationship with mafia members, police and other characters in the city to make a living.

  • Choose your own style of playing
  • Reveal new bars to work in
  • Improve your skills
  • Explore different story-paths
  • Complete side-quests
  • Meet and get familiar with people in the city
  • Find out 13 different game endings for your Bouncer Story

In Bouncer Story you have a gambling debt to pay to mafia and you need to earn your living by working shifts as a bouncer at bar.  

It does not get any easier as serious crimes start happening around you tensing the atmosphere between mafia members and the detectives.

It is your choice to decide who to help in the rotten city. 

Play by controlling the queue on the entrance of the bar. As a bouncer you will decide who gets in and who does not. Making smart choices boosts the mood inside the bar, which triggers bigger gratuity on top of your normal salary.

Balance your cash between skill upgrades, rent and repaying your loan to mafia or gamble your incomes in blackjack table if you’re feeling lucky.

Meet and get familiar with people in the city as you play Bouncer Story.


Meet Godfather, one of the main characters in Bouncer Story.

Name: Tony Vito
Role: Mafia boss

Godfather, Tony Vito, is one of the main characters in Bouncer Story. You meet him in the tutorial and end up having a 10k debt to him. As the head of the mafia, godfather expects the money to be paid back in 5 months. Fail to make payments in a row and you might end up sleeping with the fishes.

The story around godfather tightens as murders starts to happen in the city and you need to balance your relationship between mafia and detectives. Decisions you make with godfather affects greatly in the outcome of the story with 13 different game endings to discover.


Meet Detective, one of the main characters in Bouncer Story.

Name: Samuel Gittes
Role: Detective

Samuel Gittes is a detective in the city and one of the main characters in Bouncer Story. As the first blackjack murder happens, Samuel starts to solve the crime. Murder seems to have connections to mafia and Samuel pops up asking questions from you about your relationship to mafia.

It is your choice in the game to decide if you want to help Samuel or stay loyal to the mafia. Your decision will shape the story and opens up 13 different game endings to be discovered.


Meet Mel D, one of the main characters in Bouncer Story.

Name: Melanie Dayton
Role: Rocker girl

Rocker girl Mel D appears on the queue at Karaoke Star bar during a local Karaoke competition wanting to participate. Age limit for the bar is 20 and Mel D is only 19 years old, so it is your decision as a bouncer whether to let her in or not.

Bouncer Story has over 40 achievements to complete and there are two special ones reserved for Mel D. Try if you can complete them both.


Meet Beggar, one of the characters in Bouncer Story.

Name: Liam Roach
Role: Beggar

Beggar is the first side character you will encounter in the game. Always asking for favours, the beggar seems to be mostly refreshing his memories of the city just for nostalgia reasons.

During my years I have seen generations born and generations die. Hope for a better tomorrow lasts forever.” -Liam

Meet Diego, one of the characters in Bouncer Story.

Name: Diego Franco
Role: Football fan

Vamos, vamos, Argentina!” Football World Cup is starting and sports bars are filled with fans on all the match dates. Diego is ready to bet on Argentina to win the World Cup, are you in?

Diego is the guy you want to see in the queue because he seems to be always in good mood. His appearance boosts the mood in the bar, even though he might be a bit tipsy.

Meet Luca, one of the main characters in Bouncer Story.

Name: Luca Accarda
Role: Bruiser

Luca is working for the mafia with a main duty of collecting protection money and debts from people. In Bouncer Story, you have a 10k debt to mafia, so you will be seeing Luca a lot.

As the story progress you have a possibility to complete small mafia jobs together with Luca. If you succeed in the jobs, bigger mafia opportunities will become available as well with better payouts.

Are you ready to make a proper mafia career in Bouncer Story?

Promo images available for download here (39 MB)

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